Pocket Magazin Vol. 4
I wonder if you feel the same, but my mood is strongly connected to the weather. Of course, most people will prefer good weather, but I feel like there is more to it. I?ve always associated this with the fact that that what makes me happy is strongly connected to the weather as well. Skateboarding. Hence, I believe that my brain has been conditioned to adapt its happiness levels to the probability to go skate over the years. Luckily, I managed to find some more things to cheer me up when skateboarding wasn?t an option. However, living in the mid-latitudes, seasons will make you appreciate the magical days of summer.
Speaking of seasons, just like Skateboarding, making two books a year leaves you with the challenge of what to do when summer?s over.
Due to this difficulty skateboarders annually transform into migratory birds to literally fly away and flee their local climate. This is why every story in Pocket Vol. 4 is connected to a migratory bird that chose the same route.
Just like the Barn Swallow, we enjoyed the last mild days of September moving from the North to the South of Germany for our Dabb Ma Labskaus trip before aligning our route with the Arctic Tern to join Primitive in NYC for their Visual Narratives. After that our Pocket Squad trades a harsh January for sunshine and granite and follows the Seagulls to the UAE. Mirador is bringing us beautiful skateboarding straight from the Crane?s perspective out of the vacationist?s escape of choice, Gran Canaria. Finally, we will take you to the Southern hemisphere for assured sunshine at the Cape of Good Hope in the Lady Eagle?s natural habitat.
This is Pocket Volume 4 ? enjoy the flight.

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