Pocket Magazin Vol. 3
When Burny and I started Pocket in late 2017, we had the idea, the plan, to do two books a year. Back then it felt surreal and hard to imagine. To me, every new challenge you take on feels intimidating in the beginning. I feel like after you?ve done something successfully, you kind of demystify it. For me, this doesn?t only count for making books but also skateboarding and life in general. Not to say that it was easy, rather assure you that everything will work out in the end and to encourage you to go for it. Whatever ?it? means in your particular case.
But before I get any more emotional about Pocket, let me channel my feeling towards Skateboarding.
If you try to break down Skateboarding, you end up with more than just boys and girls playing with their wooden toys. You end up with so much more because skateboarding has many facets.
It becomes obvious that skateboarding is not a sport.
No matter where you go, you will always find friends as a skateboarder. There is an immediate connection even though you might not even speak the same language because we all share this love for skateboarding.
You skate with them, have a brew and suddenly they become friends on and off the board.
And now let us come to what probably is our favorite part of Skateboard: Travelling.
And this is what Pocket Vol. 3 is all about!
For this issue, we changed things up a little. This issue only features trips. Trips that started in one place and went north from there. We took our Pocket Los Angeles squad up North to explore Portland and Seattle. For our trip with CHPO, Beatrice Domond and David Jakinda took a ferry ride from Copenhagen all the way to Oslo. Skatedeluxe went to the very south of Italy only to go North from there. And finally, the Hellride crew drove their beloved van through Greece, going North until they reached Thessaloniki.
Let?s put the puzzle pieces together!

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